Great Storytelling:

I’ve always been a devoted video viewer, whether it’s a music video on YouTube, or a viral video on social media. What interested me was how great editing helped bring a bigger meaning to the visual experience. A video can simply be seen as a string of different elements, but if you really pay attention you will notice just how a video has been edited together to tell a desired story and even reflect a thoughtful and deep message.    

Information & Education:

Watching a video is a way to learn something new. Watching it more than once sometimes means seeing something you may not have seen the first time. The story starts to make more and more sense, as all the pieces come together.  

A video has a beginning, middle, and end. It can inspire, inform, and educate people, whatever the subject matter is. My videos are an inside look at various community events, businesses, and family gatherings, as well as the stories of the people that run them. I believe that video is the strongest and fastest way to tell a story –more than any other medium– because of the visual. There is a story being told right in front of the viewer. It can make them feel a special connection, and sometimes as even if they were part of it themselves.

Memorable Moments:

I have always enjoyed learning through hearing other people’s stories. If there is a part of a story (amazing picture, unique audio, small detail) that really catches my attention, I will surely remember it for a long time to come. Videos bring the story to life and become keepsakes and records of important stories and events.

I hope BMH Media can help tell your many stories in an interesting and creative way, and keep your business, or special event in people’s minds and memories.